• A Year of Jewish Holidays - details below
  • Khupe, the Wedding Canopy - details below
  • Garden of the Righteous - details below
  • Megilla Ester: A Purim video

We provide a PA, screen, and digital projector if needed 

Lecture* fee: $500 minimum, $650 for trio; $1,200 for 7-piece group

Performances are only in the greater Minneapolis area.

There are some video alternatives. See the documentary called Garden of the Righteous for example.

Contact Gitl (Judith) Eisner for details.

*Concert only fees - contact Gitl (Judith) Eisner about extra costs involved. e.g. Duration of music performance, indoor or outdoor location, mileage, food, equipment,   etc.

Khupe - the wedding canopy 

The instrumental music of Ashkenazi Jews is known today as "klezmer" music. Used primarily at weddings, it is at once joyous, haunting, and deeply introspective. After the Holocaust, the tone of the Jewish wedding changed dramatically, eliminating many of it's emotionally demanding aspects. As a result, much of the music which accompanied these parts was forgotten. 

"Khupe" will offer audiences an opportunity to hear klezmer music in it's traditional form. It will be supplemented with rare photographs and historic works of art. The various ceremonies and dance forms will be explained. The audience is encouraged to contribute thoughts about their experience as it applies to the older, traditional wedding. 

A Year of Jewish Holidays 

All religious and cultural holidays celebrate transitions in nature, historic events, and Bible stories.

Most are joyous events, with special foods, costumes, music, and dance. 

At the same time, Jewish holidays offer opportunities to ask serious questions

about who we are, and what our responsibilities are to others. 

The program provides audiences of all backgrounds an appreciation of the importance and universality of celebration.

Life-long learning further cultivates wisdom by broadening our perspectives. 

The program includes explanations of Jewish history and culture, enhanced by visual images, and live klezmer music.

The Garden of the Righteous

a program to commemorate Yom Ha'Shoah

*Holocaust Remembrance Day

(Actual date of lecture / performance can be any date)


Learn about people from Norway, Latvia, Germany, Yugoslavia, China, and Netherlands

who risked their lives for compassion and human dignity.



The program includes original Yiddish music by Judith Eisner and  performed by

NAYE STRUNES (NEW STRINGS) a modern string quartet.
A slide show presentation is included in the lecture.


Weaving together original klezmer music, slides, and the stories of six fearless individuals, 

the program gives audience members an opportunity to reflect on the extent of 

courage and compassion during dark times.